Welcome to Mark's Meetup Page!

This webpage serves as a backend to my (Mark's) Meetup groups (see the corresponding sections).

If you don't know Meetup.com or what a meetup group is, head over to www.Meetup.com and check it out. In short, it's an event management platform for special interest groups.

I like Meetup.com because it lets you find likeminded people for special interests, create groups for them and then publish events for those groups. That's absolutely perfect for finding people to play pen & paper role playing games or video games with. That is, if you like to play with people in person, as social events, and not just online or through computers.

On this webpage I will provide some more information about myself, my hobbies, and my meetup groups.

This webpage isn't meant to be viewed in full-screen mode except on smart phones. If you're using a PC or any other large or normal display in full-screen mode, please switch to windowed mode. That will let you adjust the with of the text columns by simply dragging the window corners and thereby adjusting the width of the window. The idea is that the text is as easy as possible to read by letting you adjust the column with yourself. Me, I hate reading online, so I'm trying to make it easy on you. ;-)

So who am I (Mark)?
I'm the guy behind this webpage and my meetup groups. If you haven't met me and are curious who I might be, go ahead check out About Mark.

To learn more about my meetup groups or the corresponding hobbies, just browse the corresponding sections.