Welcome to Mark's Meetup Page!

This little webpage serves as a backend to two Meetup groups that I (Mark) started:
If you don't know what Meetup.com or a meetup group is, head over to www.Meetup.com and check it out. In short, it's an event management platform for special interest groups.

I like Meetup.com because it lets you find likeminded people for special interests, and even more, publish small events and find people for them among your special interest group. That's absolutely perfect for playing pen & paper role playing games or video games in person, as social events in small groups as I like it. Too bad it's not free and too bad it doesn't have a decent chat application or a forum. That's why many meetup groups have external chats or webpages to provide further information or communication.

On this webpage I will provide some more information about myself, my two meetup groups and what they are about.

Matching my old-school hobbies, pen & paper role playing games and old video games, this webpage isn't meant to be viewed in full-screen mode on today's large-screen displays. I made the assumption that most people will look at the page on their new smart phones, and those on a pc might also have other things to do and other windows open, so this webpage was specifically designed to be viewed in windowed mode only on large displays. The advantage of that is that you can adjust line-length yourself just by adjusting the browser window width. If you're in full-screen mode, please switch to windowed mode if you're not using a mobile device, and adjust the screen- and line-width to your liking.

So who am I (Mark)?
I'm the creator of this web page and the guy behind the two mentioned meetup groups. If you haven't met me and are curious who I might be, go ahead check out About Mark.

Most people nowadays know what a video game is. But what's a Pen & Paper Role Playing Game (PnP RPG), sometimes also called a "tabletop" RPG? If you don't know what a role playing game is, go ahead and read my Introduction to Role Playing Games in the Role Playing Games section.

If you're interested in pen and paper role playing games or in video games, go ahead and jump to the corresponding sections.