Welcome to Mark's little Meetup Page.

This webpage tries to introduce two forms of culture, which are at the same time modern, but also old already: Pen & paper role playing games and video games, both played not online, but together, in one room, as a social event where people meet in real life.

Naturally, like most webpages, this page also has a hidden agenda. And that's to find other people to enjoy these kinds of culture with: You!

Like old-school role playing or video games, this is a matching home-made old-school webpage. It isn't meant to be view in full-screen mode on today's large-screen displays. I made the assumption that most people in front of a large pc monitor also have other things to do than just read about what is said here, so this webpage was specifically designed to be viewed in windowed mode only on large displays. Please switch to windowed mode if you're not using a mobile device, and adjust the screen- and line-width to your liking.

So who's Mark? That's me, the creator of this web page! If you haven't met me, go ahead and meet me online and read About Mark.

What's a role playing game?
If you don't know what a role playing game is, go ahead and read my Introduction to Role Playing Games in the Role Playing Games section.

If you're already a fan of role playing games or video games and would like to play either together with other people, go ahead and jump to the corresponding sections to look for upcoming events.