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Mark's Role Playing Games

Mark's Role Playing Games is an upcoming new group for Pen & Paper Role Playing Games in Zürich and surroundings. I (Mark) love these games and I want to create a good group to play them. In my view these games are a form of culture, and the people who run them, Dungeon- and Game Masters, are artists and colleagues at eye-level worth of respect and support.

The plan is to play any kind of Pen & Paper Role Playing Game anyone wants to play. (Advanced) Dungeons & Dragons being just one of many. This will usually be in English, both to allow international participants with various cultural backgrounds, as well as to adhere to the original language and material of the games. Being an older guy myself, I particularly want to welcome older people because it can be hard to find people to play with at your own age.

Unlike some other RPG groups, I don't care about becoming the biggest or most successful (commercial) group in Switzerland. Instead, I want to focus on quality and equality. Dungeon- and Game Mastering is a cultural art, and Dungeon- and Game Masters should feel respected and appreciated as the creative artists they are.

This group is still very small, not because it's worse than others, but because unlike other groups, I couldn't take over several hundred members when the group started. That's why it's important that you join! We can't increase Zürich's cultural diversity and successfully pull off any events, especially for rare or special games, until we have a minimum of about 50 to 100 members! So:

In the name of culture and (e)quality,

Please spread the word and join!

If you want to help spread the word, here's a flyer: