Role Playing Games

Mark's Role Playing Games

Mark's Role Playing Games is a meetup group for fans and enthusiasts of Pen & Paper Role Playing Games (PnP RPGs).

I wrote a great text about what the group is, or is supposed to be, and why I started it over on Please read that text first if you haven't already: About Mark's Role Playing Games (on

To get in contact with the group, please join out group chat over on Discord. Here's the invite-link:

I (Mark) believe role playing games are a form of culture. And the people who run them, Dungeon- and Game Masters, are creative artists worthy of respect and support. Dungeon- and Game Mastering is an art, and Dungeon- and Game Masters should feel respected and appreciated at eye-level as the creative artists they are. Regardless what systems they play or what opinions they have. I will enforce this mentality in this group.

The plan is to play any kind of Pen & Paper Role Playing Game anyone wants to play. This will usually be in English, both to allow international participants with various cultural backgrounds, as well as to adhere to the original language and material of the games. Perfect English is not a requirement, as English is the second language for most of us.

Being an older guy myself, I particularly want to welcome older people in Mark's Role Playing Games. It can be *very* hard to find others to play with at your own age if you're over 30, or over 40, and people should absolutely be able to do so if that's what they like.

If you are a Game Master or a Dungeon Master, this group offers you:
  • Acceptance at eye-level and full say or vote, just like the group-leader.
  • An "Every opinion counts and is appreciated" mentality instead of "You're not part of the higher-ups!".
  • Respect and free speech even if voiced opinion is not the same as the group leader's.
  • Free choice whatever game you want to run, with what players and where.
  • Appreciation for any kind of well-meant contribution or participation.
  • Free choice if you want to ask players for tips for DMing / GMing as long as you are open and transparent about it.
  • Free choice how and in what manner you want to run games, as long as all players are treated fairly.
  • Free venue (room) to play at in the outskirts of Zürich.
  • Free venue (room) to play at with consummation in a restaurant / bar in the city (centre) of Zürich.
  • Cheap venue (room) to play at with voluntary donations for room rent in the city of Zürich.

As said in the About text on, this group first needs to accumulate enough members to be able to successfully pull off events. Once there are enough members, this group will also offer:
  • Monthly meetings with other Dungeon- or Game Masters for motivation, inspiration, to exchange help and support, and to maybe strike tit-for-tat deals with other Dungeon- and Game Masters to be able to take a break from DMing or GMing and be able to be a player again once in a while.

If you are a Dungeon- or Game Master and want to run a game, please get in touch with me (Mark).

- Mark