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As said in the About text on, this group first needs to accumulate enough members to be able to successfully pull off events. Once there are enough members:

For all upcoming events of Mark's Role Playing games, please see Events on our group page "Mark's Role Playing Games" over at
All of this group's events will be published there, under Events.

We are using as online event management tool because it very significantly facilitates, or rather makes possible, the otherwise impossibly hard matching of Dungeon- or Game Masters with 4 to 8 players for their games, as well as the finding of upcoming games (and sign-up) for players at dates and locations that fit them.

The way this works is that Dungeon- or Game Masters who want to run a game contact me (Mark) and together we create an event description. Then I publish the event on according to the DM or GM's preferences. When the event is published, notification emails are sent by to all members of Mark's Role Playing Games. Those players interested in participating in the event can sign up. From there on, it's between the Dungeon- or Game Master and his or her players.

To use, you need to register, which is free:
Once you registered, you need to find and sign up for "Mark's Role Playing Games". Here's the direct link:

After that, you can check out our Events and sign up for them:

For group-wide communication and to stay in touch with everyone, please join our Discord server:

If you have any suggestions or ideas that you would like to share, or if you would like to host a role playing game session as a Dungeon- or Game Master, please contact me.

Planned Events

Since I created this group to be able to run my own events as a Dungeon- or Game Master without having to put up with other's unfriendly behavior, I might as well advertise what I plan to do myself. As long as there aren't enough members yet to find enough participants, it makes sense to advertise those events here (as well). Again, if you would like to see this group or any of its events come to life, please help with finding needed members by spreading the word and inviting friends!

Dungeon- and Game Master's Roundtable

Fantasy Table Scene

I plan to run a Dungeon- and Game Master's Roundtable at least once a month in a restaurant in Zürich.

The Dungeon- and Game Master's Roundtable is a social event for Dungeon- and Game Masters, - and anyone who would like to become one -, to meet with other "masters" or would-be "masters". Here Dungeon- and Game Masters exchange ideas, tips and tricks on Game Mastering, as well as their love for role playing games in general. As such, it's an awesome opportunity to meet, talk to, and get to know real people, real role playing game fans, in real life, and maybe even make some new friends! :-)

Are you a "master" yet? Or would you like to become one? What problems have you struggled with and how do others handle it? This isn't just an awesome chance to expand your horizon on game mastering, it's also a huge artistic inspiration, much like a writer's guild, where fantasy writers, the weavers of the magic that we call fantasy role playing games, meet and exchange ideas. Exchanging ideas with other Game- and Dungeon Masters, in my view, is one of the strongest inspirations and motivations there is for Dungeon- and Game Mastering! Can you do things better than others? Or can you learn from others? It's also a great social event to meet the most dedicated fans of pen & paper role playing games, because sooner or later, the most dedicated fans usually end up becoming Dungeon- or Game Masters! :-)

Dungeon- and Game Master Roundtables start with an introduction where everyone introduces themselves and shares a bit of his or her personal background with role playing games. Then we proceed to discussing the Dungeon- and Game Mastering topics which people want to talk about and which are of the most interest to those attending. Everyone who participates is asked to think about something that he or she would like to talk about and then maybe bring that up during the event.

If you're interested in this event, please contact me and tell me when you would like to participate, so I can try to coordinate and set up a suitable time for everyone interested.

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Outdoor Survival Board Game

Untouched Forest

Back in the early days (the 1970s), this was actually even before Dungeons & Dragons was developed, the outdoor and exploration part of the game supposedly was inspired in pretty large parts from a board game called "Outdoor Survival". It introduced for instance the hex grid, movement rates in relation to terrain, and chances of getting lost. To introduce more outdoor adventures into many role playing game's default dungeon crawl, and to explore the mechanics of outdoor adventuring, I'd like to re-experience this part of creating Dungeons & Dragons. I got myself a copy of "Outdoor Survival" and plan to play a few rounds on Saturdays or Sundays at my place whenever I can find 3 other players.

Outdoor Survival Game Box Outdoor Survival Game Board

If you're interested in this event, please contact me and tell me when you would like to participate, so I can try to coordinate and set up a suitable time for everyone interested.

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Advanced Dungeons & Dragons, 1st Edition - The way it was meant to be played! :-) (One-Shots)

Effretis of AD&D Dungeon Masters Guide
The horrible Dungeon Master with the fate of his players in his hands! What better way to symbolize the power of the Dungeon Master than with AD&D 1st edition's simple but effective cover art?

Advanced Dungeons & Dragons 1st Edition (AD&D 1E) is the most serious and dedicated, and in many ways the first (hugely successful) original role playing game, created for adults by the man who invented role playing games, Gary Gygax. In more ways than one, it is still considered "the mother" of role playing games, and the one and only original of the most successful role playing game ever, Dungeons & Dragons. To this day AD&D 1E has a large and dedicated fan base, many of which prefer it over any other, non-Gygaxian edition of Dungeons & Dragons.

I have created a small introductory (one- or two-shot) adventure, that is supposed to showcase the most unique and important features of AD&D 1E: "The Lost Temple of the Heretics". Please see Events on the Meetup Group page for details and when the next game will take place.

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Original 1980s Dungeons & Dragons (One-Shots)

1980s original Dungeons & Dragons

If you've never played role playing games and would like to try it, my AD&D one-shots might not be the right thing for you. Not just because first level characters die quite realistically in AD&D, but also because AD&D is pretty complex when empowering all the rules! Gary Gygax realized this long before Wizards of the Coast and kept the original earlier version of the game, just regular Dungeons & Dragons (without the Advanced) alive as a separate, and much more simple version. If you've never played role playing games before, regular Dungeons & Dragons, of course, in the authentic and original version of its original creator, might be easier to learn than Advanced Dungeons & Dragons. That's' why I will be offering regular 80's Dungeons & Dragons one-shots if there is enough interest. If you're interested, please contact me!

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