Role Playing Games


Mark's Apartment

I live in Brugg, AG, that's about 25 minutes from Zürich by train. And I will certainly run some games in my apartment. However, I plan to run and organize, or help organize events through my group in Zürich and in the greater area of Zürich.


We need places where we can play in, or close to Zürich and I'm constantly looking for suitable new locations. If you know a bar with an empty basement room that we could use, have an uncle who has an office or conference room that we could use on weekends, or even just know a fitting restaurant with large tables or a conference room, your suggestions or ideas / feedback are highly appreciated and welcome.

Most games run 4-6 hours and we usually play when most people don't have to work, on weekends or in the evening during weekdays. All we really need is a large table with chairs for 6-8 people and a bit of heating in the winter. Because games run for several hours, a usable toilet nearby is also very helpful. And because we do a lot of talking and reading, a low noise level and normal office illumination (not loud noises like in a beer hall, or dim light like in a romantic pub) are also a great help.

Obviously we can't pay anything for the room, unfortunately, or simply nobody will join the games. That's just the way things are with role playing games. It's a poor man's game and people have very strong objections to pay for this kind of gaming, which is inherent to the type of game and in my view in more than one way justified and understandable. If we can't get it for free, the only option is to get a room from a restaurant or bar in exchange for consuming food and beverages.

Currently it looks like we might have one or two promising locations where we might be able to play, but we can always use more. Please contact me if you know anything or have any suggestions or ideas.