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This meetup group is for anyone interested in playing any kind of video game as a social event with others in the same room.

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The purpose of the group is to play and enjoy video games together with others in the same room, either by taking turns or playing against each other on one screen, or by hooking multiple computers together (LAN gaming). This can be in a leisurely manner or in the form of a fun little tournament or competition.

I grew up with the development of video games in the 70s and 80s. Pong was created about when I was born, and by the time I was 10 years old, the real classics started rolling out, like Pac Man, Asteroids, Defender, Mr. Do! and countless others.

Believe it or not, back then, playing video games was not a solitary entertainment, but much like role playing games, a social event! Why? Simple: because nobody could afford his or her own video games! And those who did when the first consoles like the Atari or Magnavox Odysseus came out, they were so beleaguered, that they often couldn't keep track of just how many friends they had!
For most of us, video gaming involved meeting at a friend's house, and later at the arcade, and then taking turns in playing, with everybody watching, like in a football match, how the other guys did (and commenting heavily in the process, which was already half the fun! :-).

We would either go to the arcade and play with and watch other kids, or we would meet at the house of a friend who had one of those new video game consoles. Then we would hold off tournaments, where up to six players took turns going through all our favorite games, either trying to get the biggest score on one-player games, or trying to beat everyone in an elimination system in two-player games. Someone took score on a piece of paper, and at the end of the day we would have a winner, and sometimes even a prize! :-)

There was nothing like it! We had some much fun it was incredible! We spent time with our best buddies, doing what we loved to do, and we commented about how good or bad our buddies were at the same thing. What better way to spend a Sunday!?

I would like to revive that and bring the word "social" back into video gaming. That's what this meetup group is for. I would like to create game sessions where 3 - 6 people meet to play video games, whatever they choose on, and keep a score, like in a tournament. Naturally, small and old games are much better suited for this and provide much more entertainment for everyone involved. Taking turns to play Pac Man is just much more social and entertaining as a group activity than playing first-person shooters. But that's just my opinion. Every session and group of players must decide themselves what they want to play! :-)

We are using as online event management tool because it very significantly facilitates, or rather makes possible, the otherwise impossibly hard finding of hosts for gaming sessions and participants, as well as the finding of upcoming gaming sessions (and sign-up) for players at dates and locations that fit them.

The way this works is that people who would like to host a gaming session contact me (Mark) and together we create an event description. Then I publish the event on according to the host's preferences. When the event is published, notification emails are sent by to all members of Mark's Video Games. Those people interested in participating in the event can sign up. From there on, it's between the game session host and his or her participants.

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