Website Updates

2020-06-04: Goodbye Meetup
I got tired of Bad customer support, and many, many bugs and just not much use for my small groups. So I'm going to quit
I replaced my previous RPG meetup groups with the new Role Playing Game Club.
I re-wrote the first sub-chapter of Dungeons & Dragons.
I also changed the name of "Mark's Video Games" to Video Game Club and updated the text.

2020-04-22: Small Updates
I made few small updates to "Welcome!", to About Mark, and to Role Playing Games.

2020-04-20: Big RPG Meetup Groups Update
My original RPG Meetup Group, "Mark's Role Playing Games" really didn't have much of a chance. Not when there are two hugely successful other groups with hundreds of members which attract all newcomers and old gamers alike.
After it became apparent that "Mark's Role Playing Games" would not be able to attract people I deleted the group. I believe using my own name in the title just didn't work, even if it's much more honest and direct than "SwissRPG" or "Role Playing Games Switzerland".
However, I still believe a better group than "Role Playing Games Switzerland", and with a better and more sportsmanlike leader than "SwissRPG" should exist. So I started two new RPG Meetup Groups: "Swiss Dungeon- & Game Masters Union" and "MatureRPG Zürich".
As a consequence, I removed the text from the RPG page title images and did several changes and updates:
- I rewrote the "Welcome!" or entry page.
- I removed the pages "Location" and "Sign Up!" from the Role Playing Game section.
- I added the new page to the RPG section "Meetup Groups".
- I completely rewrote the main entry text to the RPG section "Role Playing Games".
- I rewrote the text and changed the tile of "Events" in the RPG section to "Planned Events".
Finally, I also updated my long essay on (Advanced) Dungeons & Dragons with a new starting chapter about AD&D really being an expansion.

2020-03-14: Dungeons & Dragons Article Update
I updated my article on Dungeons & Dragons with a comparison between AD&D 1E and 5th Ed.

2020-03-10: Dungeons & Dragons Article
I completely re-wrote my article on Dungeons & Dragons.
I updated the RPG Group text with location offers to DMs: Mark's Role Playing Games.

2020-03-08: Big RPG Overhaul
I re-wrote the Welcome page and changed its name back from "Introduction" to "Welcome".
I re-wrote the RPG Group text Mark's Role Playing Games.
I slightly updated RPG Events about the not enough members problem.

2020-02-23: Discord Online Chats - After all...
I changed my mind: It's not working.
My groups really are not taking off and I think part of the reason for it is lack of communication. I can't force people to meet in person if they have so many other options, so I must start with smaller steps. First bring them together in an online chat. I finally added Discord chat servers for Mark's Role Playing Games and for Mark's Video Games and updated the corresponding texts (here and on
I also completely deleted the former RPG Group Style. The text was outdated for one, for the other, people should get to know our group (or me) to find out the group style themselves. Besides, most people are not going to read about it. And finally, if at all, the group style should be advertised in the group main text in Mark's Role Playing Games and should be short enough to be (just) there.

2020-02-22: RPG Links Update
I removed the links to the two other RPG groups in Switzerland from Mark's Role Playing Game Links.
I tried to give people a heads-up there about my bad experiences with the two other role playing game groups in Switzerland, and why I was forced to try to start my own group. But it seems a lot of people don't appreciate that. Instead, I guess, they think I'm just trying to bad-mouth them. So I guess it's better to keep my experiences to myself. Sorry for those who like some background info. I the same token, I also slightly edited Introduction to Role Playing Games.

2020-02-15: RPG Group Text and Flyer Update, and my own AD&D 1E Event
I rewrote the RPG Group text Mark's Role Playing Games and added a new advertising flyer in 4 versions.
I almost finished my own AD&D 1E One-Shot Adventure, finally published it for March 1st on and I updated Events of Mark's Role Playing Games.
I updated Sign Up! for Mark's Role Playing Games.
I underlined all active links in the main page navigation. Looks a bit better.

2020-02-07: RPG Group Advertisement Flyer Added
I added a flyer to advertise Mark's Role Playing Games and linked it to the group page (Mark's Role Playing Games). That should help with advertising.

2020-01-24: Webpage Focus Change
The focus of this webpage used to be to convince hesitant people to join my meetup groups so we get enough members to start running events.
However, first of all, that didn't work too well, and second, while I am searching for a room to play in Zürich, I talked to so many people and I had to repeat so many times what role playing games are, that I decided to simply use this webpage here to explain and promote the concept of role playing games to people who don't know what they are. That might not get me the prime player's I'm looking for, old, experienced role players, but it might get me new people who might become old and experienced. :-)
For this I changed the Website Introduction, and I moved information about myself to an new separate page, About Mark.
I updated Mark's Role Playing Games and I updated RPG Group Style.
I added an Introduction to Role Playing Games to explain the concept, and I moved information about (Advanced) Dungeons & Dragons to a new separate page, Dungeons & Dragons.

2020-01-13: Title Image Update
I updated the title images of Mark's Role Playing Games and of Mark's Video Games. Both titles now have the group names as text in them.
I also fixed my wrong English translation of "Das Schwarze Auge" in two places (it's The Dark Eye, not the Black Eye! ;-).

2020-01-09: Role Playing Games Group Text Update
I updated the introductory text for Mark's Role Playing Games again. It was much too long. Short and sweet is much better, especial for (more stressful) online reading.

2020-01-04: AD&D Rant Update
I updated my AD&D 1E rant in the links page for role playing games, Links.

2019-12-30: Location and Links Update
I updated RPG Location because I got some positive feedback and am hoping we will find one or two places after all where we can start playing.
I also added a new links page for role playing games, Links.

2019-12-27: Role Playing Games Group Text Update
I updated the introductory text for Mark's Role Playing Games again. I added a lengthy explanation, why it's important to join and support this group, culturally, even if there are already two other, much bigger groups in Zürich. The text is very long now, but it's important to explain to people why supporting and joining this group is to their own benefit as well, even if that might not be self-evident right away.

2019-12-21: Role Playing Games Group Text Update
I did a few more small corrections in the introductory text for Mark's Role Playing Games.

2019-12-20: Role Playing Games Group Text Update
I completely re-wrote the introductory text for Mark's Role Playing Games. The existing text with subchapters was way too long, to complex and not to the point enough.

2019-11-28: Not Enough Members Update
We don't have enough members yet to run events successfully. To reflect this, I updated the Introduction and Events for Mark's Role Playing Games group.

2019-11-14: RPG Events Update
I updated Events for my Role Playing Games group.

2019-11-11: RPG Group Style Update
I updated Group Style for my Role Playing Game group and structured it with subtitles, so it's easier to read and scan through.

2019-11-10: Looking for Locations
I updated Location for my RPG group with a notice to help look for good places we could use for gaming or the Dungeon- and Game Master's Roundtable.

2019-11-07: Buy-In to and Re-Write of RPG Group Style
I decided to buy into after all, at least for a while and for that updated almost every page.
I also completely re-wrote the Group Style for my RPG group.

2019-11-04: Website Updates & RPG Group Style pages added
I added a separate page for Website Updates. This makes it easer for returning readers to find what's new on this webpage.
I also added a somewhat extensive description about the Group Style of my RPG meetup group.

2019-10-31: First Website Upload
This is the first website upload with the following contents: Welcome!, Mark's Role Playing Games, Mark's Video Games and Contact. Role Playing Games has the sub-pages Events, Location and Sign Up!.